Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Limited for Armature Winding and Electrical Engineering - Kawerau - New Zealand.

Electric Motor Rewind & Repair

Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Ltd provides a comprehensive armature, motor rewinding and general electrical repair service.
Our facilities enable us to rewind all types of AC and DC units up to 15MW in our workshop or larger machines on site.
All stator & rotor rewinds are processed through a thermostatically controlled burn-out oven insuring no damage to the iron core or stator frame, which can occur when using other methods of stripping out old windings.

All stators are tested for core loss before and after the burn out process, and any core damage found is rectified where economical.

Energy efficiencies are maintained by adhering to the original design parameters of the motor when rewinding and overhauling.

The highest quality of insulation systems are used, with windings insulated to class H temperature rating as a standard. All windings are solvent-less polyester varnished and oven cured. Vacuum pressure impregnation is available, if required.

Winding redesign facilities are available for speed changes, multi speed, supply voltage and frequency variations.

Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Ltd is an active member of the international trade organisation EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association Inc.) and all our work is bench marked against international best practice. Paul Milbank, Managing Director of Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Ltd is a Past President of the New Zealand chapter of EASA.