Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Limited for Armature Winding and Electrical Engineering - Kawerau - New Zealand.


Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services for the repair and maintenance of all electromechanical rotating equipment.

Our Services Include –
  • Electric motor & generator overhaul
  • Electric motor & generator rewinding
  • All types of stator, rotor and armature rewinding
  • Stator and armature formed coil manufacture
  • A.C. and D.C. generator repair and rebuild
  • Hermetic motor repairs
  • All types of rotor re-barring
  • Rewind and repair of transformers
  • D.C. motor and generator field frame rewind and rebuilds
  • Brake, clutch and solenoid coil manufacture
  • Welder repairs
  • Slip ring manufacture and repair
  • Commutator repair and rebuild
  • Carbon brush gear repair and replacement
  • Circuit Breaker & Switch Gear Servicing