Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Limited for Armature Winding and Electrical Engineering - Kawerau - New Zealand.
Kumara Static Excitation Project


Design, Manufacture & Installation of Slip-Ring & Brush Gear Assembly for Static Exitation of Power Generator


ElectroNet Services for TrustPower Ltd. - Kumara 6.7MW Hydro Power Station, West Coast


Gouk & Sullivan (BOP) Ltd. were contacted by Trustpower in early August 2011 to assist with the reconfiguration and installation of an excitation transformer. This involved the installation of a new power bridge to upgrade the transformer name plate rating, and the conversion from brushless to full static excitation.

With the assistance of GSBOP, ElectroNet Services (Trustpower’s local contractor) were looking to retrofit a second hand slip-ring assembly to the excitation transformer. Upon inspection, GSBOP recommended the manufacture of a new slip-ring & brush gear assembly, with the following benefits:

• The new assembly would be designed to carry the higher current load

• It would be custom made to match the transformer – no modifications to the existing machine and easier to install.

In under two weeks from the initial enquiry GSBOP had the new slip-ring & brush gear assembly designed, manufactured, installed and test run. At commissioning the transformer ran-up first time, as per the design.

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